This is my page, my work, my passion, your life, in pictures!
I want you to LOVE your photos so much, that you want them all on your walls! 
Photos show YOU, your life, where you were in the world, and what you were doing!
Erica Nicole Imagery offers affordable imagery so that you can display your life, your memories, your love! Photography offers a shrine to your past, present, and your future. It showcases a museum of milestones that make you and those around you smile while taking a trip down memory lane where you once were. Your life is ready to be displayed, and I am here to capture those precious moments worth displaying. 

Erica Nicole Imagery focuses on techniques of communicating ideas, moods, and feelings through the creative imagery of digital photography. I  know how fast life can pass you by. I strive to create memories that last forever. 
I love capturing all aspects of life! I am constantly educating myself on ways to facilitate getting that “perfect” shot, and loving the growth I have seen in my work. I love meeting new people who challenge me to produce the best images possible. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or to simply request services. I look forward to each and every shoot, and furthering my experience to become the best photographer I can be.

So don’t delay, go ahead and book a session! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Inquiries can be made at ericanicoleimagery@gmail.com.



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